Food Bags

ALUF offers high-clarity quality FDA approved bags which are perfect for packaging a variety of foods, including bakery items, cheeses, and a variety of frozen products. Manufactured from virgin, high-clarity resin. These bags are conveniently packed in a white dispenser carton.

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  • Antimicrobial odor control
  • High Clarity Virgin Resin
  • Packed in a Convenient White Dispenser Carton

Ideal For

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants/Delicatessen

Available Options

0 Stock No Size Gallons Strength Color Case Qty Skid Qty
1 FB10842 10x8x24 X Large Polybag XH CLEAR 500 100
2 FB10845 10x8x24 X Large Polybag H CLEAR 500 100
3 FB12802 12x8x30 XX Large Poultry XH CLEAR 500 70
4 FB4212 4x2x12 Quart L CLEAR 1000 264
5 FB428 4x2x8 Pint L CLEAR 1000 375
6 FB6315R 6x3x15 Med Bread 3 Quart L CLEAR 1000 224
7 FB8315 8x3x15 5 lb Ice Bucket Line L CLEAR 1000 100
8 FB8418 8x4x18 Med Poultry H CLEAR 1000 100
9 FB8418H 8x4x18 Med Poultry XH CLEAR 1000 100
10 FB8418R 8x4x18 Med Poultry L CLEAR 1000 100

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