ALUF is at the forefront of the plastics industry in providing innovative solutions for a better environment.

A prime example of our green technology is ALUF’s COEX Supertuff CXP bags. COEX CXP bags qualify for LEED-MR 4.1 and 4.2 credits. The COEX Supertuff CXP line is produced from 80% recycled material, with 10% post-consumer. Using a proprietary tri-laminate process, ALUF’s COEX line of bags are approximately 25% thinner than competitor’s bags, yet provide superior strength and durability. ALUF’s line of COEX CXP bags are treated with genuine Antimicrobial Odor Control Protection, a feature that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on both the inside and outside surfaces of bags.

ALUF’s virgin film products are also environmentally friendly, using considerably less material, and reducing stress on the environment.

ALUF’s Environmental Best Practices mandate strict adherence to a higher standard of environmental friendliness and sustainability. We consistently maintain the 4-R principle:

REDUCE We minimize the amount of material used in production.

REUSE Most internally generated waste, including wastewater and cardboard, is reused.
RECYCLE 60% of our product line consists of content made from 90% recycled material.
RECLAIM ALUF has implemented ambitious effective collection programs for post consumer and post industrial recycling.